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Galya Denzel moved to the US from her home country of Bulgaria, where she’s a top recognized fitness and nutrition expert, writer, and educator.

She is a Restorative Exercise ™ Specialist, a National Sports and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer, a well known prenatal and postnatal expert, writer, cookbook author, speaker and educator.

Galya is a featured  coach in the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, and author of the postnatal recovery book Fit Mommy Secrets. She is also the author of the forthcoming Man on Top and the collection of healthy recipes The Art of Real Food (in Bulgarian, soon in English).

Galya started MoveWell Fitness as a way to bring high quality training and nutrition advice to people of all ages, in a way that is approachable, affordable, and fun. She is also available for individual training, workshops, cooking classes and more!

Email Galya at or call her at 949 429 9800

Read more from her:


Galya Denzel online training and nutrition


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