Galya offers a colossal treasure trove of expertise on fitness, exercise physiology and posture correction. She is by far the most diligent and knowledgeable  trainer I’ve ever worked with as she takes the time to really assess your current posture, gait and any structural abnormalities you may have, and then customizes a program to restore optimal  function and movement.

She has come to my rescue many times for a petulant sore shoulder that gets triggered every now and then and she innately knows how to restore function.

Galya offers a unique blend of intellect and heart-centered approach that is unlike any  trainer that I know. She really cares about her clients’ well being and transcends the boundaries of a conventional fitness expert as she also weighs in with her nutrition/recipe expertise and truly empowers you to meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Thank you Galya for all that you are and all that you do and I am so grateful to have you in my life!

Rupina Meer, holistic health coach, ZenTrition

Galya is an extraordinary trainer and person.
I lost 60 pounds over a period of 3 years, and it was her advice near the end that allowed me to shed the last 15 that I had been battling for over a year.

It wasn’t just a question of the weight–her advice allowed me to find a training style that worked for me and literally revolutionized my body.  My posture is better, my body is more balanced. Every time I have had some sort of nagging pain or problem she has figured it out and helped me fix it. For instance, I suffered from sciatica for 10 years and she gave me simple exercises that fixed it in 3 days. No exaggeration.

Galya is not just a talented trainer, she is a caring person who will help you to feel really great about yourself–important if you’re battling weight and body image as I did for decades.

I would recommend Galya’s training to anyone. She is the best.

Elisabeth Wolfe, fitness professional, Miracle Fitness

Galya is more than a personal trainer and nutritionist. She looks at the whole person, rather than working on just losing weight. Before coming to Galya I was a gym rat and would work out for hours on end, getting no where. Since coming to Gayla, I am no longer needing to spend hours in the gym, but am getting better results because of her personalized program. She work on your individual needs and sees you as an individual person, not just another client. She takes the time to tailor each exercise to your own special needs and works on things that need special attention. I have never experienced this type of service before from any trainer.

Currently, Galya is helping me lose the baby weight I had gained through my recent pregnancy. I love the fact that she goes at my pace and knows what needs to be worked on and tweaked. Not only does she give me exercise to improve my core, strength, and ability to lose weight, but she makes sure each exercise I do is done correctly. Form is everything and she works hard to make sure you can master each pose. I come away each time feeling confident knowing I am getting healthy not only for myself, but for my family in a positive way. Beyond the exercising Galya has helped me clean up my diet and make good, healthy choices. She has many recipes and I have personally tried making them. The majority are not only easy, but require a few ingredients and are delicious!

If you are looking for someone to help you become healthier and stronger Galya is a perfect fit!

Rosie H, psychology student, mom of baby Samantha

My personal experience as a client has been very positive.  I had severe feet and muscle leg pain, and because of Galya’s expertise in exercise I no longer have that problem after just three weeks of following her private instructions.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Galya, you have changed my life for the better.  I appreciate you and your expertise in your field.  God bless you always.

J.F.,  retired


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