Small group training with MoveWell Fitness

What is the schedule and locations?

Those change on a seasonal basis, this last update is as of Oct, 2013

MON – 8:30 am – 9:30 am  –  MoveWell Studio

FRI – 8:30 am – 9:30 am –  MoveWell Studio

THU, SAT  – different activities and locations will be announced on seasonal basis

Locations may be added or changed with advanced notice.

What is the investment?

We want to offer you continued support, a thriving environment and a workout opportunity that you can maintain for a long time. As soon as you sign up, you will receive an assessment session and your own customized program, a 150$ value, completely free.  After that, you will only be paying for the sessions –membership fees and obligations. You are encouraged to use your sessions in 6 weeks.

8  sessions $140
12 sessions $180
16 sessions $ 225

What type of clothes should I wear to the workouts?

Indoors: when training at the studio, we are barefoot and in comfy indoor clothing, so workout leggings and t-shirt are great for most people. You may want to bring along training gloves, a towel and a water bottle.

Outdoors: you want to be appropriately clothed for the weather – luckily it’s sunny and bright on most days. There may be some dew on the grass, so be aware when you choose shoes. In addition to training shoes and training clothes, you may want to bring along training gloves, a towel and a water bottle. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses – it is California! Make sure you have spare clothes to change after.
Do you have any other questions?
Please drop me a line at or call 949 429 98 00

Our promise is to understand your goals and needs, carry out state of the art fitness assessment and design a life changing program for you, so you can enjoy a happy, healthy and joyful life.

We want to show you that you can do highly individualized training in a small group, enjoy the energy of others striving for health and have fun while getting fit!

How do I enroll in the group training?

All you have to do is write me at, or call me at 949 429 98 00. We will schedule a day to meet, get to know each other and do your assessment. Please understand that this is not a regular boot camp workout where you can just show up. In small group training you work on proper alignment, posture, correct movement, strength, balance and endurance but those components are customized for you. Once we meet and your assessment is complete, you will receive your program and you will be invited to join the small groups. We will also suggest a schedule appropriate for your goals.

How often do you train?

We meet between 2 and 4 times a week and you can do as little as 1 session  per week or as many as 4 sessions a week. The frequency depends on your training program, your goals and your time availability.


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