More options than ever to get fit and healthy with me

Dear friends, hope you are doing well! We’ve had a colder winter than anticipated, but many of you have kept fit, doing the best they can to train at the gym, hike or call me for program design so you can make your home your own gym! Once equipped wit the right knowledge and a great plan, you can get fit anywhere!

January was a great month, I have been meeting the ladies from the Outdoor Welness Women’s Club twice a week, with different locations, since the weather has not been kind. However, in March, we resume the RSM Lake and Central Park locations, Mon, Thu, Fri and Sat at 8:30, so keep your eyes open for the new schedule!

I taught a 4 week series on the pelvic floor, part of teaching Whole Body Alignment – Restorative Exercise (TM). The students graduated just this week – I am so proud of these ladies!

I am going strong with my Core Connect class at Athlete’s Choice, every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and I’ve been seeing some very dedicated and cool private clients – my plan over time is to have everyone meet and know each other through seminars, hikes and cooking classes, so there is a lot to look forward to for the Rancho Santa Margarita health and fitness community.

motMy husband Roland and I published our long awaited book – Man on top – how to lose fat, get fit and control your weight for life, in December and we’ve had amazing feedback and reviews. If you are looking for a great book to help your husband, partner, dad, friend or colleague to get in shape – this is a complete systematic, no nonsense, step by step guide that will lead you through 4 months of permanent transformation. You can get the paperback or Kindle edition and I promise you will see and feel the results you want – I can already hear the applause!

We’ve also been participating in the SOCO farmer’s market once a month, so the first Saturday of every month, feel free to come over, see our table, pick our brain for nutrition and movement advice and get some great organic fruits, veggies and eggs for your week!

If you feel like you need coaching and you haven’t quite met your resolutions this year, just call me at 949 429 9800 and let’s talk about your goals and the best options for you. Private training? Small outdoor group training? Do you want to come to the coolest gym in OC – Athlete’s Choice? Do you need a kitchen cleanup? A month of nutrition coaching to make those overwhelming choices easier? Whatever it is, call me or email me and let me know! The summer is only 3 months away!

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