A healthy transition to summer

Now that kids are out of school, many moms are facing a new challenge: how do I keep in shape and make my workouts, with the summer activities taking up so much of my day? How do I keep the hard earned results and still make progress so I look good at the beach? Here are a few quick and useful tips that will ease your mind and tone your body!

Appreciate the new opportunities to be active: walking around Disneyland can spend more calories than your workout, swimming with dad can really make your chest sore, and chasing your 6 year old down the monkey bars will add to your grip strength. Look for opportunities for movement and enjoy them, rather than sit around and sulk because you didn’t make your gym workout.

Sneak a short workout while the kids are napping: afternoons may be the best time to sneak a 20 minute circuit workout at home. Do some kettlebell swings, stretch, or practice your squats – you will keep fit and stay in good shape so when you do make your gym workouts, you don’t feel like you are starting all over again.

Ask your trainer for a home routine: that’s what my wonderful client Elaine did, since she hasn’t been able to join us for workouts the last few weeks. She is using dumbbells, a Swiss ball and her stationary bike for some serious fat loss workouts. She is coming back strong in a couple of weeks, and so can you.

Cooking with Galya Cook healthy meals with your friends: summer is a great time to get together with friends and explore new healthy recipes. Take it a step further by visiting a farmer’s market or getting someone to show you how to cook healthy recipes. This is what I did with Steph, Liz, Chela, Lana, Joanna and Jenna a week ago and we had a blast. Guess what? Kids enjoyed our healthy meals too!

Read inspiring books: immersing yourself in reading a couple of good diet and nutrition books can be a great way to avoid the temptation of rich barbeques and celebrations. By keeping your healthy goals at the forefront of your mind, you will be able to stay tuned in to what you really want, other than what you think you want at the moment. I am really enjoying three books right now and I highly recommend them for your summer reading!

Stay fit and healthy, and come over to our Facebook Page to let me know how your are doing!


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