Get your motivation back in time for summer

You may be on the best diet and exercise plan, but if chocolate is calling you from the pantry and you are wondering if it’s all worth it, it may be time to shape up your motivation for change! How can you get more motivated right away?

1. Break up your goal. It may seem like an impossible and daunting task to lose 50 lbs, do 10 pull ups or run a 5K. What if you chose to lose only 5 lbs, then 5 more. Or learn to do 4  pull ups? Then 6 and then 10. Setting small goals you can achieve and celebrate builds self confidence and sets you up for future success.

2. Get out of your diet rut – sure, chicken breast and steamed broccoli may be fine for a while, but your taste buds will be screaming for variety a few weeks into your diet. Rather than tossing all efforts out the window and going for flavorful deep fried old memories, consider switching things around. Do a slow cooked pork tenderloin, roasted root veggies and a middle eastern salad, instead. Take cooking classes.Invite friends over who know how to cook and have a party. It’s up to you to bring healthy variety and this step can save your waistline.

3. Don’t think in black and white – if you are having a hard week and you cannot squeeze in a workout, don’t be hard on yourself and drown your sadness in cookies. When your schedule is busy, it’s even more important to eat well – you need good sustained energy to fuel you through stressful times. Manage what you can, and don’t worry about the rest.

4. Look for like-minded people – if you’ve been doing your diet and exercise on your own, you are missing a bit part of being successful – belonging to a group where everyone else gets it. Find a group of people online or offline, interested in healthy food, involved in regular training or outdoor activities, such as hiking. You will push each other to succeed and maintain your results!

Be healthy and happy!



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