Spring back into shape – 3 tools to accelerate your fat loss in April

If you feel like fat loss takes a lot of work, think again. Some of the leanest and fittest people make it look so easy – because once you have the right tools for the job, it becomes effortless.

Spring is my favorite time to remind clients and friends about incorporating some simple tools into their daily routines, tools that can lead to a faster, safer and long term fat loss.

1. Spend an extra 30 minutes walking outside – if you have ground where you are and you are in relatively good shape you can do it. Make sure it’s at a time when you can also get plenty of sunshine. Vitamin D production is related to mood and fat loss, so you are not only burning calories, you are supplementing your body with a much needed nutrient.

2. Take a breath brake. Once a day, get in a quiet place (even if that’s your bathroom!)and pay attention to your breath. 10 deep conscious through your nose – out your mouth breaths, being mindful of the depth of each inhalation, will slow you down and make you more aware of your body. More awareness = less hunger and cravings – who wouldn’t like that?

3. Indulge in seasonal food! Cara – cara oranges are in season, strawberries are popping up on stands all over the city – enjoy the flavors, colors and aroma of nature’s gifts and use fruits to replace candy, cupcakes and ice cream.

If you live in the RSM area, join our facebook page and find out about upcoming events, class training schedule and keep in touch with other fit minded people! What better way to spring into shape?

Be healthy and happy:



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